what is your birth order? do you think it affects your personality?

October 27, 2008 12:05am CST
i'm a middle child and i think i have some classic middle child characteristics. for example, growing up, i felt that i wasn't getting as much special attention from my parents compared to my two brothers. i feel that this has contributed to self-esteem issues. on the positive side, this same lack of attention also resulted in my becoming more independent than either of my siblings. how about you, do you think or feel that your birth order affected you in any way?
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• Indonesia
28 Oct 08
hmm..i think ure right there, coz my middle sisters r more mature and independent than my first sister. bout me, im the youngest daughter at home lol..gotta admit it, that i was spoil when i was a little girl, specially if i want some toys lol..im a tomboy girl and as i grew up, i can be more mature in another way than my sisters, in taking care of myself and my parents im more sensitive, aware and carefull bout them. thats why my parents prefer to relay on me than my 3 sisters, coz they can feel i take good care of them eventho im the youngest girl at home. n even my little nephews like to be with me than their other aunts lol, i dunno why too tho but they feel comfy near me =) does it has something to do with me as the youngest ? i dunno lol maybe yes because ive learnt many things from my older sisters, their mistakes became my lesson lol, but maybe no too lol..
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@subha12 (18462)
• India
27 Oct 08
I am the youngest among two. so at time is was a little pampered. but at time si used to perform good as I knew i will get rewards for it.
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@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
27 Oct 08
I am the youngest and I feel that it affects my personality. being the youngest has two sides. one is I can get away with what I want, being, literally, the baby of the family. On the other hand, people tend to tell me to do things or be overprotective. I only have one sibling 12 years older than I am. We have now reached a stable stage in our relationship unlike when I was much, much younger. LOL!
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