do u think software is the most insecured job?

October 27, 2008 12:25am CST
do u think software to be the most insecured job in our country?if you ask me ,i say yes..because now due to the financial crisis many people have lost job in many fields..among them software stands at field is the best field int erms on income,growth etc..but it is the worst field in terms of job security..
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• India
27 Oct 08
Every job has it's own set of insecurities,when it comes to software they pay u really well,when the performance is not upto the mark the emplyers are chucked out. Survival of the fittest is the case. So we should keep giving our best better than others at every level to sustain. Ofcourse the recession has made things quite complicated these days. But things are not going to be the same,we should take chances and risks. Infact I am still awaiting my call letter from my company it's been almost 6 months since I have completed my graduation but yet to receive my DOJ But then just hoping for the best,things will fall in place. And it's totally in our hands to sustain once we get in. Cheers