Starting interactive multimedia

October 27, 2008 4:12am CST
Today is multimedia era. So are you notice about this word has spread in our culture. Don't you believe me? We use not only through to television for watching some movie or just clips, now we can watch movie from mobile phone or handphone instead of pictures. The point is that multimedia has penetrate the habits of our cultures, and somehow we can't deny it. Then suddenly come the tools which named Internet and obviously this make growth the effect of multimedia more rapidly. So this contents join the lists human needs. What is multimedia? Multimedia-Used essentially to define applications and technologies that manipulate text, data, image, voice and full motion video objects. Multimedia means to communicate more than one way e.g. audio and video. Simply if you are describing something to someone and then show them a picture or point to it you are using multimedia. The computer you are using is a multimedia computer because it can show you pictures and you can hear sound throw your speakers at the same time. (to be continue..)
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