Wow.....looks like I'm right, scary....

October 27, 2008 10:12am CST
Well, my ASSUMPTION appears to be correct. For those of you whom read my other discussion, "Has anyone else noticed? Or is it just me? 2 out of 3?", You would know that I made a connection with the Canadian dollar exchange rate, and the cost of gas. Basically, I'm noticing that the cost of gas goes up when the CDN dollar is doing well, and goes when when the CDN dollar goes up. This morning I've noticed that gas went down to a NICE 97.4 cents per litre, so as curious as I usually am (I put my kitten to shame HAH) I check, which is a foreign exchange CURRENT website, daily updates, up to the minute exchange rates I believe, and what is the exchange rate of the CDN dollar to the US dollar? 1.28! So yeah, feels good that my connection APPEARS to be correct. Does anyone else believe this to be so? Or believe it to be a coincidence? Or know valid proof as to WHY this looks true?
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