@udayarc (428)
November 7, 2006 5:23am CST
WHAT DO YOU THINK??????????//
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@getjimmy (2245)
• India
7 Nov 06
I have a Samsung and I am very pleased. Prior to it I had a Nokia that I wanted to change (fortunately for me the Nokia fell in the toilet bowl by accident)!!! I went on line to check the difference between many phones and I liked what I saw. The only thing I'm not all that pleased with is the back light doesn't seem to stay on as long as I'd like it to. BUT! that could be that I haven't set it up properly. I'd get another Samsung if I had too....
• Italy
7 Nov 06
Hi, I prefer Nokia instead Samsung.
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@payout (3722)
• United States
26 May 10
Samsung Mobile is very good to be honest with you. I got my first phone in Elementary school. it was a normal phone but with no color what so ever. Just ... like a highlighted blue color that was it haha. Well yeah.. Afterwards I end up getting a flip phone that was color it was a big upgrade. then After that I got another flip phone that was color as well but this one had a camera. Then I end up going to another company in time. and got a normal small no flip phone standard Bar phone that was color.. LCD very small screen like my first phone. Well Then I got a keyboard slide phone with a camera which Was one of the best phones I had at the time. Then I Broke it went back to my old .. LCD standard bar phone. Then upgraded to a Smart Phone. Which was a Windows Mobile phone.. Love that baby. Full Keyboard, 2 MP camera. plus recording, Can hold up to a 32GB SDMicro Chip. Which is really good. lol. Well yeah. I end up breaking that one and had no insurance.. so UGH. Right Now.. Here I am with a Touch Screen Phone Smart Phone.. TouchWiz. 3MP with Camera/ Flash/ Recording. etc etc Very good phone.. So yeah Through out my life so far most likely for the rest of my life I have been using Samsung Mobile phones. Will Keep it up till I die or someone comes out with some unbelievable and you just have to get it.. then yeah I will let that slide haha.. Other then that .. Samsung is truly Great company making TV's Phones, DVD ply, Bu-Rays, Computers. They are in fact a trusted company and spending your money on them is worth it. Believe me. :)