love paradise..enjoy your life,

love story - this is a good story i like it a lot
but i do not know the really love on my life
@rowe0525 (677)
October 27, 2008 1:01pm CST
hi mylotters, what is love???love means a lot to everyone,there are many love on our life, if your parents care for you,that is love if your teacher pay more attention on you,that is love, if your classmates share you happines and sorrows with you,that is love . but if you have a girlfriend or you have been set up home .how do you fine this love,could you tell me?cuz i have never met this case?i am sill single so~~~~~~~~~~~~~god bless you!!
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• United States
27 Oct 08
your day willcome. u are young & have plenty of time. just enjoy what u have & be thankful for it.
@rowe0525 (677)
• China
27 Oct 08
ok i will ,i will enjoy myself what if i do not understand what it is .and i will never give up,thank you for your answer
28 Oct 08
Hi rowe0525, You ahve answered thers questions about love, be when you met a girl and fall in love then you will know that kind of love. Hugs. Tamara