A "get away" for a few hours

Sick racoon - We watched this racoon from a distance, it had rabies - we watched how it was shaking all over.
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October 27, 2008 3:07pm CST
Our family is very close and I absolutely love when we do something together, needless to say that family time is my favorite and special to me - My family and I have found this quiet place - like paradise, its close to where we live, it is such a great place to get away from everything, and we go there often - I always bring our digital camera and shoots lots of photos and also takes a few video, and eventhough we have been there several times now, we always see and learn new things each time. The first time we went there, we just went on a ride, a friend of our son went with us and knew of this place, we were and actually still is brand new to the area, he directed us to this place that we now call paradise. It was such a great experience and we even saw a sick racoon, it had rabies, we watched it from a distance, of course we didn't want to come to close to it. We also saw frogs. The place is just such a great place. You can do hiking, long walks, and just watch the trees and nature, you are not allowed to bring dogs - unfortunately. We don't have a dog, but a few weeks back we had relatives from out of town visiting and we wanted to share this place with them, they have a little chitzu, and here we learned that dog isn't allowed, so ufortunately we couldnt enter. Instead I shared pictures through email later with the relatives and they certainly agreed that it is a great place. How about you does your family have a favorite place close to home.
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27 Oct 08
I love to go camping, and do so often. I find it relaxing, and a great place to clear your mind. After a few nights camping I have decluttered my mind, and reconnect with inner self. I find a good camping trip good for my soul.