What is does fun mean for you?

October 27, 2008 7:44pm CST
well for me it means going out, partying, doing grafiti for people and just going out to relax and just have fun!!!!! FUN IS FUN
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• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
To me fun means being able to go out with husband, and sitting in the car while my husband is driving, and nobody else is there to disturb us. We don't have kids, so we often go out for outing together. I like hanging out and usually go to the supermarket to do our grocery shopping, which is also one of my favorite thing to do and is considered as fun. And surprisingly my husband likes shopping too, and I feel very grateful that he is. I also like following him to new places. He likes driving our car to places that we have never been to and sometimes we even spent a night there. Most of the time we never planned about anything, we just go and enjoy ourselves this way. Our life is simple but still it is fun.
• Suriname
28 Oct 08
owh ok! that's a good way to have fun! very relaxing!! And soo you can see that everyone has another meaning for fun! mine is hanging out with my friends and going to parties and yours is just relaxing with your husband!!! soo to everyone else is fun another thing!!
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
Fun? I define fun as something I do that doesn't cause stress or pain!:D When I'm with my friends laughing and doing crazy things - that's Fun! When I'm playing sports and the game is good - that's Fun. You make things fun...:D
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
for me,fun depends on my mood.when I want a relaxing,personal fun,I'll spend time on my own.I'll read a book,surf the net,or dance by myself in my room.when I am in the mood to go out with friends,I'd like to eat out and grab drinks with them.
• Australia
7 May 09
For me fun has many meanings like doing fun with my baby niece like playing with her. Another kind of fun for me is hanging out with friends like picnic, shopping, karaoke, watching movies, going to the beach or bar hopping. I have fun to do at home too like playing computer games, singing aloud and dancing.