Thanks to GOD

October 27, 2008 11:48pm CST
many think of GOD and pray only at time of difficulties many think of GOD every second in their lives. many think GOD when those difficulties vanish away in their lives. but a few forget to thank GOD. lets thank God for the different blessings that he bestows on us daily. you may specify the reason explicitly if you feel like,for thanking God or it may be general.
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• Philippines
28 Oct 08
I thank God everytime I wake up in the morning. I thank Him for the new day and for the last night protection. I thank Him before I sleep. I thank Him for every passing of each day for the protection and provision. God is awesome and faithful.
• Canada
30 Oct 08
Very true! We should always be thankfull for the things we have. We get so disappointed at the smallest things. There's so many disasters that could've happend in everyone's lives but we were saved from them. I can tell you one experience of mine. I was working at a warehouse, and a buddy of mine was on a forklift. We worked for a rock company. So, my buddy was stacking some boxes filled with bricks. He accidently ran into the piled boxes and the stack fell over and i was right underneath facing the other way. For some reason, i looked back, I had no clue that it was falling right on me. I just looked back for a split second and dived out of the way and 2000 pounds of rocks fell to the ground. If i hadn't looked back for that split second, I wouldn't be here today. So I thank God every day how many blessings he has given me. There's countless things we should be thankfull about. The thing is, we tend to forget the blessings we recieve daily in our lives. Anything like a pay raise, your wife being pregnant, marriage, winning a competition, graduating. We tend to think that our efforts are the only cause for these blessed times. But really, without God's hand none of these things would be possible. What about the blessing of being born in the first place? God chose us to live in this wonderful world, and have the ability to find him and recognize him. That's amazing if you ponder upon it. Remember, bad things happen, pain is there. But, good is there too! When you come out of a tough situation, remember that God brought you out of it. People tend to turn to God in times of grief and hardships, but then forget him when they come out of their loss. Sad, but true! We need to change our views about God, and start realizing what we have! Anyways, peace!
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
yes you are right not all of us are thankful to receive blessings in our life. God gave us life to experience the live in this world and thats the reason why i am thankful every day to many things that i have experience and for some problems for it give me strong to live in this world. Every morning god deserve to be given a thank you word for us.
• United States
28 Oct 08
I thank God everyday, for the good and the bad. Sometimes in this life what appears to be bad for you is actually good. I prostrate to him five times a day for this is a requirement of Him and deservant of nothing less. He does not need us we need Him, for He is free of all wants and desires, the Master of the Day of Judgement, Lord of the Universe.