do you think lawyers are liars??

October 28, 2008 12:00am CST
i believe they are liars, but their doing it to prove there client innocent or for defensive measure.. anyhow, still its a bad job for me, lying just to earn money and stuff.. thats why there are lots of influencial criminals who got away from their crimes because of lawyers.. what do you think about this?
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• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
There are lawyers who only fight for the things they believe in, not just for money. Those lawyers are quite rare but they do exist. If they feel Case A is correct and this client is really innocent, they will take it up and fight for the client. Otherwise, they will just stay out of it. Such lawyers do exist.
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
yeah your right, my uncle is one of the lawyer who is protecting the less fortunate against abuses and physical injuries.. yeah but on other hand, my uncle once told me, even though you know that your protecting the innocent, there is still a big chance that he needs to lie, to make the suspect really admit that he is a criminal or something for that matter.
@BubblyIan (751)
1 Nov 08
There are two sides to every argument. Both sides should have an equal chance to present their case. It is fair if both parties have lawyers to represent them. Lawyers have to follow professional conduct rules including not deceiving the court. A lawyer owes this duty to the court above that to his client. If a client asks or implies that a lawyer should mislead the court then he can refuse to act. A lawyer can only present the facts as given to him by his client. If the client is not wholly truthful with his lawyer then the lawyer may have difficulty in presenting the case. One question that is often asked of lawyers is how can you represent someone who is guilty? In reality unless they plead guilty at the earliest stage, until the conclusion of the trial they are not guilty. Only the court can find then guilty. Another rule of solicitors is not being able to refuse a case no matter how objectionable. Even the worst alleged criminal deserves a right of representation. Maybe now you understand the position a little better? If you know a lawyer that has lied you can report him/her to their professional body and they will take professional misconduct action against him/her if you can prove it.
@snpyvin (1518)
• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
I don't think lawyer are liars as they just act according to law. They cant simplay lie as there is law behind. They need to follow the process. Lawyer can be said to be liar if they know more about law they know the way to escape from it and heklp those bad guys to eanr a bunch.
@taripres (1499)
• United States
28 Oct 08
Oh, of course! They're just professional liars; they're in the art of bending the truth to make it look efficient to proof a case that just may be bogus! A liar if I've ever seen one:) Taripre$