Best friend of mine

October 28, 2008 12:14am CST
My best friend is guy name Erwin. he now live with his wife and son at Italy, and I missed him do much. we do get intouch oftern thru internet and phonecalls. But next year we plan to meet at the Phil for a vacation with our family. cant wait for that. What do you think of girl having a guy as her bestfriend or guy having a girl as his bestfriend?
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@littleowl (7157)
30 Oct 08
Hi koiko'..personally I don't think it matters at all, so wouldn't worry about it obviously there is there is a connection between you both and as long as it doesn't matter to either of your family's then I should think it would be alright...littleowl
• Japan
5 Nov 08
hello little owl, yes my best friend erwin, his wife became my close friend as well. they are both very sweet, they live in italy already and they are inviting me over. i just gave birth so i need to save up for my transportation to visit them there. thanks for the response
@jsloh1989 (181)
• Singapore
28 Oct 08
I think it is alright. My close friends are of the opposite gender and we get along just fine. It's not about the gender, but how the friendship is built I guess.
• Japan
5 Nov 08
very well said jsloh, yes it is not what gender it is how bog and deep is the friendship you build. how strong the foundation too. i dont have any brothers that may be one of the reasons why i have more guy friends than girls. thanks for the response and hope to see you more around
@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
hi sister. yes i think it is okay to have a bestfriend who is a guy. i think most of my friends too are guys. i have a lot of friends who are guys and i know in one point or another they helped me without asking anything in return. lucky us for having friends that although they are guys, they offered clean and good friendship. i miss your best friend erwin and his wife grace too.