Verifying my paypal account.

October 28, 2008 1:50am CST
I don't have a credit card but do have a debit card. Can I use it to confirm my paypal account. It's my local bank's card and I often use it to withdraw cash at ATM's. Think it's a 'Mastercard'.
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@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
28 Oct 08
Sure wish I was able to tell you for sure. I have not enough in my paypal account to worry about this at this point but this is what I have in mind to do some day when I or if I get paid again from the lot. Please let me know what you find out! ? :)
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• China
29 Oct 08
i do not know where you come from ,i am a chinese and i am a collage student now ,i just sign up also in paypal ,but i have no credit card in the begin ,i also had a debit card also then ,but i found i can not confirm my paypal account ,because debit card is not the same with credit card ,we can confirm our paypal account only by credit card .
@Metalchick (1387)
28 Oct 08
I too am having hell of a time verifying my account. I have entered my debit card details to confirm my address but failed the confimration over the phone as my phone pad was sticking so I couldn't enter the 4 digit pin number they give you on screen. I have now been waiting to recieve a letter from them to confirm my address through this method although it has been nearly two weeks and still heard nothing. Praying I can get it sorted before mylot payout this month
@satyakam (1112)
• India
28 Oct 08
sorry Sunny as per my knowledge you need a credit card for verification because after paying $1.95 you have to put up 4 digit verification no in paypal ,that 4 digit no you will get from ur credit card monthly statement.