it's breaking my heart to see people struggle for having a poor

@miamhae (339)
October 28, 2008 1:58am CST
I'm also poor but I wanted to help people who's can't afford to having education in there life because there is no one can support them. I believe having a eduction are key for success and I want them to being success in there life so they can help also in other. From now I start thinking the way, how I can form an organization in our place to help a poor in there education. Our municipality give some scholarship in college, but how about the one can afford even an high school grade. That is what I want to do in my life to help poor people and to the people need help not financially but either emotionally, because I know deep in myself I have talent to give advice in people need emotional help.
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@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
7 Apr 09
and so am i...i share the same thoughts as anyone else, we don't have much that is why i know how does it feel to be hungry. i had also experience dropping of school because my parents cannot sustain my education expenses anymore, my sister were their priority since she is about to graduate in two years time while i just started attending college. me and my family had experience eating only twice a day, there are also times were we can't pay for our electric bill, its a shameful sight back then and so now, each and everyone of us works hard, harder than before not to go back to that unpleasant events. we find time in donating books to charity institutions and foundations like the Jolibee foundation that conducts donate a book annually and they give it away to less fortunate kids who can't afford to buy books and reading materials.
• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
It is good for you then. You should move forward with whatever you want to do and pursue with your goals until you reach it. Never step back but always step ahead. Look behind to correct your mistakes but never to regret. Always check your weaknesses so that you could improve more in the future. I respect you because even though you are poor you still think about the charity of other poor people. You can be the example to many others in your country. I hope your effort will continue for a long lasting time. Good luck and have faith in whatever you do.