save water

@aringwi (136)
October 28, 2008 3:36am CST
Three fourths of the earth is covered by water,but humanbeings is lack of drinking water.Most water is polluted or wasted.In the toliet ,we often see the tap water is running all day without turning off.Water is limited and it cann't always be recycled.With enough water,the quantity of the gain can be increased a lot.The drought is always making us in trouble.The land of the desert is enlarging every day.
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• India
28 Oct 08
yeaa agree great topic u pick no doubt about we must must must sve water. No mtter country area religion jut save water it mot important. I am ully agree ith dat point i we wanna live on this earth it toooo urgent for us to save water. wats d importance of water i think no need to say dat. perhap words become lessy to define dat. so i think we just ty ou bet to save water.
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
28 Oct 08
Hi there! Welcome to mylot, I have heard that 70% of the Earth is water and most of its not drinkable. I always tried to save some waters and I never leave the tap running even when I'm brushing my teeth. Thanks!