How do you want to make your parents proud?

October 28, 2008 4:40am CST
I will study and get a very good job.I will be good to people.My parents mean a lot to me.I want them to be happy.Will do anything to make them proud.So that they can tell every one that i am their son and they are proud of me.
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• United States
28 Oct 08
I'd love to make my parents proud. But, I only have my Grandmother to please. =) She's great! She is proud of me because I do what makes me happy. Are you doing what makes you happy? You should be happy I am sure that's what your parents would want. I am not saying that you aren't but it is something to think about. If your current goals and goals that you have met not only make them proud but you content. I know that I would do many things to make my parents proud but here is a list of the things I won't do. I WILL NOT (To make my Parents Proud of Me) 1. Sell my body for Morgage Money 2. Marry a relative to keep the money in the family or for any other reason 3. Marry a pet 4. Chop off a finger 5. Convert to a false religion 6. Harbor a wanted felon 7. Share a bed with a cheetah 8. Eat or touch a spider 9. Eat unedible objects or things 10. Carry a baby for the benefit of Stem Cell Research 11. Watch Phil Collins music videos on loop for Twenty-four Hours 12. Bathe in Chocolate Pudding 13. Dance with a trained Bear 14. Join the Circus 15. Get a Tattoo That praises them, (includes tattoos period) 16. Eat an actual mud pie These are a few of many things that I wouldn't do; in order to obtain my parents approval. =) What won't you do to obtain your parents approval and admiration?