October 28, 2008 6:45am CST
How can we say that we are an effective friend? Was it when you are good in giving advice? Was it in the time that you supported him physically and emotionally on his battle? Was it the time when you are just there to invade his life?As i start my journey in this world, there lots of thinkings and ideas that comes to my mind to be called as an effective individual. One time my friend visited me and release all his tensions and worries. And i became worried, can i be of help to this person?So i decided to take a deep breathe and start to lend my ears to him..he started talking, at the beginning there's hesitation but i made him relax that when he looked to the window of my soul, I gave him the signal.."I AM JUST HERE TO LISTEN..."From that simple action..i made a big difference, that thru listening the challenges,burdens and inner battles will turn to a great peace inside and out. and the magic just to LISTEN!!
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• China
29 Oct 08
The first duty of love is to listen!
• China
29 Oct 08
come on
• Philippines
29 Oct 08
thanks for a reply..yes listening means a lot for every is for a betterment of relationships and make it stronger.
• Dominican Republic
30 Oct 08
to me an effective friend to me is the one that is there to support physically and emotionally on the battle..that is there to to invade your life when you are in trouble....he/she invade to help you when you are in trouble...!
• Indonesia
1 Nov 08
i am absolutely agree. that should be a good friend, not just being a friend but be a best friend. so, when we are in a succed or trouble he/she always there