who wants to be rich and famous

@lisa45 (87)
October 28, 2008 9:07am CST
who here would like to be rich and famous id like to be rich part of me would also like to be famous but i reckon it would also get anoying to what about you guys would you wanna live the victoria beckham lifestyle or would u just want to be rich or what about you guys out there who couldnt give a toss about being rich hit me bk to chat
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@kykidd (6819)
• United States
28 Oct 08
Hey Lisa45, I most certainly would enjoy being rich. The famous part probably would be ok for a while. But then it may get annoying. You would have to watch everything that you say and do. If you get upset, you couldn't let anybody see it or you would be on the celebrity gossip column. And then a lot of the time the story gets all mixed up, so then you have to do all of these interviews to straighten everything out. And then just hope that everyone gets a chance to hear the real truth from you. Although, maybe it would be worth it to have all of that money. Just think, you could not only take care of yourself and your family. But you could also take care of your parents and maybe even help out brothers and sisters. It would be nice not to have to know people who were struggling anymore. That would be great. You really have to work hard and be determined if you want to be rich and famous. Either that, or just be born into money. LOL Hope you have a great day and thanks for giving me something to day dream about!
@lisa45 (87)
28 Oct 08
kykid2636 yer you are so wright i no what you mean i would well get bored with having to deal with false stories all the time that would really bug me and i suppose there is also upsides as well like for example getting free gifts i suppose it would be a bitter both i dont thing it would be a good thing though thats were you notice people go down hill as well when they have so much weath and power.maybee its better if you dont have it
@Seyduna (129)
• Turkey
26 Dec 08
As for me if we do not count people who lives an isolated life from the modern city life everyone has needs and i think these needs are infinite not finite.So for as to meet these needs i m sure every one of us wants to get rich in essence.But some of us are not brave enough to express this.