what makes a good teacher/ welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 28, 2008 9:17am CST
what makes a good teacher? a teacher who abandoned his students during the earthquake and ran for his own life first has sparked heated debate among public about teachers' responsibility in your opinion, what are the qualities sof a good teacher? should teahcers care for their studetns as their own kids? or should teachers only be responsible for teaching knowlege? what is the best teacher or worse teacher you ahve had or seen? i do not think it is a good thing that there are always somwday suddenly go out to say bad words to teachers. we have many other terrible reasons indeed, but i can say somehting like we may have quite different points about this kind of topic cause some people do not have caorrect thining in mind wrong chocie always all around us and becoming more populart in this society nowadays so if some teachers do not have right quality, why not have a good think og that ask ytourself what is on earth is the reason of the whole nation that is not only because of the teachers the fact is somehting we seldom tell in oublic undr power unknown in my opinion a good teacher should be fair he should not prefer some students over some other students and should tyr to help everyone equallly to understand the subject a ateacher also should try to refresh and train his own knowledge in the subject so that he has no problems to teach it to others that is actually obvious, but there are unfortunately always a few teachers where this is not the case no arm no spriit power in one's mind that is why some of us always take some thing as dream actually they can not be soemthimes parents are good teachers but they may still make mistake teaching thei own children too bad anyway we need good tachers and i will remember my good teachers in life
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@bizmom24 (163)
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28 Oct 08
Good teacher are hard to find. I like ones who talk to you and feel like they can call or just talk to you at anytime about your child, good or bad. I don't like ones who act like they don't have the time or day to sit down and discuss what is going on with your child, or have time to send a note home or make a phone call because then some other parent will do the same. so the nice easy talkable ones are good for me. and it's hard to find those now a days. ones that take their time to actually talk to the kids and spend a few seconds with kids letting them know they are there for them. bizmom24