mozilla 100%

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October 28, 2008 6:08pm CST
i think that Mozilla is very fast and it very good for internet surfing what do u think?
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• India
1 Nov 08
Yes Mozilla is very fast for surfing internet ,compare to other.
@searchia (45)
• Denmark
30 Oct 08
Firefox is alot better
@ssalateen (107)
• Bangladesh
30 Oct 08
I used mozilla before,yes it is fast browser.But now i use opera browser.I just like the interface and fast operation.
• United States
29 Oct 08
I love Mozilla Firefox, so much that I do not use internet explorer anymore. Their bookmarking and tabs make things easier, and I have additional plugins like NoScript and AdBlock Plus that make it seem more secure. It's always very quick. Even at my school, the computers have both internet explorer and firefox. Also, in most polls, I've seen firefox win for preference.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
29 Oct 08
I agree Mozilla Firefox is the fastest and best internet browser that is out there,and I have not always had Firefox,when my parents first got the internet we had Internet Explorer,which was slow,and it took forever to look for things on the internet,and then it caused my parents desktop to get a virus,and my half brother told us to download Mozilla Firefox because that is what he used,and I am so glad we did because it is the best,it is very secure,and we have never had a problem out of it,and it allows me to open several tabs at once,so I can improve my accuracy by being able to accomplish a bunch of different tasks all at the same time,and I will never use another browser.
@SketcherD (1114)
• Canada
28 Oct 08
Yes it is a very good and safe browser. It has many plugins that make it even easier for people to use than other browsers that are more let's say common. I use Firefox as my default browser at the moment. However I am going to investigate Opera as I have heard that it is even better than Firefox.