Friday 13

@sankata (236)
October 28, 2008 7:19pm CST
Do you believe in such a combination ? Do you think that with this combination you will have unluck ? I don't think so, because for me it's a day like any other, and until yet, no unluck has happened to me on that day. So I hope it will stay so and nothing bad will ever happen.
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• India
4 Nov 08
personally speaking i don't believe in these superstitious things.fortunately my room number in my hostel is does not make any difference to me atleast.its your deeds that make you lucky or friday13 can take away anything you achieved with your don't think about it too much and relax...
• Philippines
31 Oct 08
hmnn. balme it on superstitions. There are just so many coincidences that happened on a friday the 13th. Any number combination they say that sums up to number 4 is unlucky. But i don't know. I don't believe God would ever create a day intended for misfortunes. But there's no harm taking extra care on that day as you would on any other day. Happy mylotting.
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
29 Oct 08
I'm not superstitious about anything really. Don't believe in that stuff!
@Metalchick (1387)
29 Oct 08
Always seem to find the opposite on this day...I tend to have more luck then bad luck which is definately a good thing as there is so much suspicion around this date. Think it's the number 13 that tends to have more unlucky conitations than it nescessarily being friday. There must be some sensible reason why this date is deemed unlucky afteral the myth must have come from somewhere. Does anyone else out there know?
• Philippines
29 Oct 08
I don't believe that friday the 13th brings any bad luck. Nothing bad happened to me during friday the 13th. It's just a another ordinary day.