Face or Body?

United States
October 28, 2008 9:03pm CST
What do you think is more important in being beautiful, a beautiful face or beautiful body? I feel that our culture today emphasizes a perfect figure much more than when modesty was still important, and beautiful faces today don't get much attention unless they come with a beautiful body as well...maybe I'm wrong though. Also, I often feel that men care more about the body than the face, thought maybe that is just personal preference as well. What do you think?
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• India
30 Oct 08
a face is a face and body is body. Both are ewually important. A beautiful face in a beautiful body is what is the best combination. A beautiful and sexy body is god but if it is topped with a beautiful face it is fantastic. however, beauty ins in the eyes of a beholder. what may be beautiful to one may not be so to another.
• India
29 Oct 08
more than a beautiful face or body i think you should have a healthy and beautiful mind and personality. guys do look at the face and fall but in the long run its the real person that counts.
@tcage08 (88)
• Canada
29 Oct 08
it's a matter of personal preference. In my case, usually a really beautiful face is the first thing that "stands out" if a girl has one, but then again i'm used to being around girls that dress more modestly than normal, so maybe it's different. It depends on the guy though....and the girl as well. A girl's dominant features will usually be the ones that 'stand out' on her, so i dont think there's a universal tendacy towards one.