what's the most romantic or impressive thing your lover has ever done for you?

October 29, 2008 3:57am CST
No matter how deep the couples love each other, there are unavoidable quarrel,dipression,pain and confusion in daily life. When we are confronted with such hardship, we tends to think of the happiness,solicitude,love he/she brought to us, so that we can reenergize ourselves to overcome these obstacles and to make a happy life for both. In my memory, the most romantic and impressive thing he has ever done for me is really a simply thing. that was when we lived in the plant dormitory,the condition was terrible,we had to defense against the garbages,mice,mosquitoes all the time. Oneday,he bought a kind of herbal chalk,which could kill the mosquitoes just by drawing on the floor and wall.He wrote"my love,I love you" at every corner with the chalk.I stared at the sincere and loving looks on his face when he was writting and drawing,I was completely touched. that moment was cherished in my memory forever. Then, what's your most romantic and impressive memories of him/her? Shall we share them?
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• Nepal
29 Oct 08
Love is everything to anyone who falls in love. No matter my love is not with me anymore, she and her memories are always in my mind. And about her romantic thing, i would like to say is that she was always with me when i needed her, no matter it was the moment of happiness or the moment of separation.
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
Every little thing that a lover shows is done out of love. We accept it because we love him/her. Love cannot be defined it is felt and the feeling is unexplainable. It cannot be bought, it cannot be priced but it is given for free to the right person.
• China
30 Oct 08
I agree with you.By the way,I am very sorry that why you have let that girl go? you both love each other so much,aren't you?