How do you control your postings????

@mokbul (616)
October 29, 2008 8:33am CST
I find some of the mebers have postings more than 5,000. How do you keep track or control those postings? In profile you might be having many pages to go through. How do respond or see soem remarks to your postings which between your first 100 postings?
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@myklj999 (18234)
29 Oct 08
I get notified by email when someone responds to any of my discussions no matter how old the discussion is, and when someone comments in one it also moves it to the beginning of the "discussions I've started" list.
@aprces (1082)
• China
29 Oct 08
it's hard to control it for me sometimes i post a lot,sometimes i post nothing,frankly speaking,that depends on moods on the whole,but there is one thing,that is i keep one post one day at least
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
29 Oct 08
everytime someone posted an answer or someone responded to your discussion there should be a notification sent to you as long as you have set it too in your account settings. i am not sure if it's a default when you register but i'm sure you can turn it off. without that notifications it would be very hard to go over those hundreds of discussions and thousands of response you have made.