I am not paid well???

@sonustar (328)
October 29, 2008 9:47am CST
hello mylotians thanks for posting your comments. Iam not paid well,i don't know why? every day atleast i will create 6-7 new discussions, and atleast 10-15 responds. can any one tell me how to make 1$ a day,is that possible. i am getting paid only .17$-.19$. please help me out.Thank you
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@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
29 Oct 08
Post quality discussions. the longer your post the better. but this doesn't mean you have to babble on and on just to lengthen your post without any consideration to the content's relevance. I have encountered one member who have reached 500th but have only earned $13 something. I say that's earning too little. Let's consider your discussion right now. You could have added a little more details. Also, i've noticed that if you paragraph your discussions instead of cramming it into one lengthy paragraph, you have more chances of increasing your earnings. I hope next time you will consider your discussions more carefully and add more details. do not hurry to reach a certain number. it's better to go slowly but surely and posts discussions that are worthy. Good luck!
• Malaysia
29 Oct 08
you should make your discussions longer, meaning, eventhough you cannot match up in quality, try posting more than 5 lines, and you will see the difference in payment. You may reply to a lot of discussions and comment on responds as well, but if it's always one or two lines, you will not get much. The key is to make sure that you put in more lines, and do try to write in quality as well, so that it increases your reputation and ranking here, and if you get favorite respond for a discussion it helps much more with your reputation and ranking. I would suggest write more lines, cause I doubt that they read every post and discussions.. :) You also can post pictures on as well, it's about 1 cent per picture.. :) I hope this helps you. Good Luck!!