Do you know Bali than Indonesia?

October 29, 2008 1:20pm CST
It's not about racialism. I'm citizen of Indonesia but there's funny thing about my country. A lot of nations only know Bali but they don't know what's country Bali was placed. It's related to tourist program of our government. And I'm just want to do little research here, from people around the world, Which is familiar for you all, Bali or Indonesia? Thanks
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
5 Nov 08
I have been to Sumatra and I am a keen traveler with a good knowledge of geography. I know that Indonesia has islands called Java, Flores, Bali, Lombok and Gili. I found that the religion is Muslim in Sumatra and have heard in is Hindu on Bali Island. Bali is a paradise for tourists and travelers like me enjoy Sumatra for the adventure. There I went caving, stood on the Equator and saw orangutans in the jungle. I would like to go back to Indonesia one day because island hopping is one of my favorite travel activities. I have heard Indonesian is easy to learn because it is cat 2 instead of two cats. Is that true?
• Indonesia
5 Nov 08
because it is cat 2 instead of two cats? Hehehe that true Max. Indonesia has little bit different structure language. Indonesian phrase meaning is describe word by word in order accordingly to that sentences, example like phrase "Bali Island", if we describe word by word (translate to Indonesian)so Bali = Bali, Island = Pulau (Ind). If we use english structure so the phrase will be " Bali Pulau", this is now correct in Indonesian. The correct is "Pulau Bali". I'm glad there're people around the world who want learn Indonesia like you Max. Thanks I appreciate it.