Living in a HOA neighborhood..

@dookie03 (578)
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October 29, 2008 4:33pm CST
I think living in a HOA neighborhood has it's ups and downs. I've noticed that they come around once in a while and trim up the trees or mow the common areas of grass but other than that i always see people with a dozen cars out side their homes and all sorts of HOA laws that aren't supposed to be broken. My question is it really worth our monthly fee that they charge us? How's your neighborhood?
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21 Jan 16
I was just talking about this in my discussion I this HOA suck in my opinion what is the point of having HOA if they do nothing. My neighbors have their trash cans out and they are supposed to be not visible and the HOA does nothing about it. PPl leave their trash cans out for days it annoys the living day lights out of me pure laziness. We did not have weeds in our yard right like that stuff green stuff that comes in the ground I dont know the name definitely not weeds moss. Our neighbor doesnt like us so he calls the HOA on us because the HOA never comes out here and every other house has weeds out her as tall as their house and still does did they get a warning? NOpe they didnt get a warning ridiculous in my opinion.....OMG.
@jennawash (163)
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29 Oct 08
I am SOOOO anti-HOA it's not even funny!! I have been at war with our HOA for almost two years now. We have neighbors that use the HOA as a weapon to run other families out of the neighborhood, especially renters or lower income families. I had a neighbor that came to our home and posed as a HOA Board Member to tell me that he thought my grass was too high. He called me names and made me cry in front of my children. I called the HOA to report him and it turns out that he is not a member. They did nothing!!! I didn't get an apology, I didn't get any kind of feedback from them. We have been sighted for weeds in our front yard for three consecutive months. I have a landscaping company that comes 2 times per month. There are no weeds in my yard. I asked them to present pictures so that I may see what area they were referring to and they refused! The just continue to fine us without any explanation!! It's ridiculous!! I HATE the HOA!!