An Autumn Excursion!!!!!!!

October 29, 2008 7:53pm CST
Last autumn,we took to Tiger Hill.It is about thirty li form the city.When we walked along the road,we saw many farms and the leaves on the tress with yellow or red hues. After we had arrived at our destination,we tried to climb up the Though it is not a very high mountain,the view from the summit is very nice.Upon it there are many woderful rocks.Most of them are like tigers.This is the reason why the hill is named "Tiger".On the southern side of the hill is an old temple.In the temple there is a famou cave with a stone niche and a table inside.A small hut stands in front of its door.When we sat in it,we could hear the sonorous sound of the bell struck by the monks,Sometimes the sweet songs of the brids came to our ears,mingled with the wind from pine tree. On our return,the sun was nealy set.I should say that we had gained much from nature ,at least we were made happier.
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