if u stay in an apartment, would you choose high floors or low floors

October 29, 2008 10:48pm CST
we were discussing this questions yesterday with my friends and family members. This started becasue of the great earthquake in Sichuan, China on May 12 2008 which killed over 70000 pp. On that day, my wife was the only one at home and when she felt tremors in the house, she carried my son who was still asleep and rush down 19 floors(ours is a 30 storey apartment). In the process, she reaslied that she has hurt her ankle which was swollen. Since then, there have been many tremors felt and we are worried if one day, should an earthquake hit us, what should we do.My wife insist on buying low floors for our next home due to her experience during the tremors and she feels safer staying closer to the ground. i would prefer to stay high floors for the view. What about you? and what are your reasons for the floor selection
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• India
30 Oct 08
Hi I'm from India. As such there is no earth quake panic here. SO that issue, in fact, is ignored while purchasing a flat. I'll prefer reasonably high floors. It's because, I will be then able to look around - both lower end and high end. I'll feel like standing between ground and sky. I know during morning and evening times, surroundings look spectacular. So, my preference will be high floor.
• China
30 Oct 08
yes. the same for me too. i prefer to live high so i can see others and the surrounding.