A what if scenario for the presidential election.

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October 29, 2008 11:06pm CST
First of all, I do not think that either one of these scenarios are likely but I am really curious about what would happen if they were pursued. There have been questions raised as to the constitutional acceptability of both McCain and Obama in regards to their citizenship. According to Article two of the Constitution, "no person except a natural born citizen" shall be eligible for the office President. Questions about McCain's have been raised due to the fact that he was born outside of the United States in the Panama Canal zone. He was born to American parents at a U.S. military hospital while his father served in the military. Some have claimed that this makes him a naturalized U.S. citizen instead of a natural born citizen therefore ineligible to be president. The issue of U.S. military or embassy births in regards to the type of citizenship has never been formally resolved as it makes no difference to anyone unless you are running for president. Questions about Obama's citizenship have been raised by some people though most of these rumors have been debunked and I do not give them much of a reliability rating. The basic idea is that they theorize he was born outside of the United States and became a naturalized citizen at a later time. Much of the rumors circulating have him being born in Kenya. The Obama campaign has released a copy of his birth certificate and most experts agree that it is a legit birth certificate showing him born in Hawaii. I personally believe that both of the candidates are legally eligible to serve as the President of the United States. But what I wonder what would be the reaction of the citizens of the United States if their eligibility was challenged after the election. I believe that if the case was pursued with the smallest shred of evidence that it would be fast tracked to the Supreme Court. I think the Obama case would be less likely to go anywhere but the McCain case would have some legal standing. I think most would find it disgraceful to limit the rights of children born to those serving abroad but as I stated earlier this has not be challenged previously. I do not know what the reaction would be if this was challenged in the courts. Would the voters want the constitution to be ignored, would it be looked at as a conspiracy by the rival party, would there be rioting in the streets, would the electorate challenge the government? It is an unlikely scenario but what do you think would happen?
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@redhotpogo (4398)
• United States
30 Oct 08
I really care less if they were born in the U.S. or not. Every family here, came from another country. What matters is if they can do the job well.
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31 Oct 08
If he's not a u.s. citizen will it matter? What will he do? Do you think that someone would bother running for president to do harm against the u.s. The president is watched very carefully 24'7. That would be the wrong job to try to do anything in. Also the president doesn't have control over much, other than war, and a couple things here and there. There's a bunch of other people that run the government. I know its in the "rules" but alot of things were in the rules that thank goodness we broke.