United States
October 30, 2008 12:05am CST
I am have a fear of driving. Don't get me wrong I have try to get my license but hit behind the wheel I freeze. It is bad I feel like my body numb and my mind is blank and I can't think. When I get of the car my body is ache all over it feels like I have been running. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help on what I should do?
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@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
31 Oct 08
I had the same problem you did. The first thing I did was I talked to my doctor about it. You could be having panic attacks when you get behind the wheel and there are ways your doctor could help you over come it, mine helped me. Then have someone you trust and is calm with you. For me it was my boyfriend he always used soft calm tones when he was teaching me. And go slow. Start at an empty parking lot and drive around it and then ease your way into the street. That way you can start off slow on the lot and when you feel too overwhelmed you can stop right away and try to get farther the next time.
• Malaysia
30 Oct 08
I think you are so stressed out when you are sitting behind the wheels. Have you ever experienced something traumatic while you were in the car? Sometimes when you have experienced an accident you will feel a traumatic effect afterwards. Some people can forget about it easily but some other people will remember about the incident forever and create a phobia within their inner self. I suggest that you try to remember what makes you so scared of driving. Try to think about positive thoughts, and tell yourself you are not afraid of driving. During your first attempt on learning how to drive, bring with you your closest friend or someone whom you are comfortable the most. Tell him or her to sit beside you and give you the moral support that you can do it. On your first attempt of driving, make sure you do it in a safe and wide space area. There should be no other vehicles there, it is just you and your car and someone beside you to give support. The most suitable place is the field or an open space which is not used for anything. Good luck.