the steve wilkison show,

@BYOLA2871 (4373)
South Africa
October 30, 2008 4:01am CST
I am not so much of a fan of this show but i watched an episode this week that brought tears to my eyes ,they exhibitioned the agonyof two women over their two kids .The first woamn needed Steve to give her daughter who already had 4 kids and is now pregnant with another one and has not not even seen the four kids for 15 months,no calls ,no cards or any form of communicationfrom her thus the responsibility of taking care of the kids became hers because her irresponsible daughter decided to saty with a punk who had abandoned those 4 kids ina charity home when the girlfriend had a problem earlier on.Th e painful part of this one for me was the lady in question felt she has done nothing wrong to have abandoned her 4 kids in the care of her mother for 15months and she was asking that she should be seen as a good mother,she was even defending her punk of a boyfriend who is just 21 years old. The second woman had a son who is only 22 and has been beating his mother up for the past 3 years and when asked about it on stage he said "i just beat her up because i feel like it and am a aman and i thinkits cool to do it" can you imagine that/If you find yourself in such instances what would you do?
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