Is True Love Real Or Fantasy?

October 30, 2008 6:13am CST
I am a very emotional person by nature and i respect a one-to-one relationship with a guy and dont double-date. I have bin in some relationships that all seemed to end the same way, with the guys promising love and affection but i get to find out they are double-dating. I want to know if its a fact that guys are natural cheats when it comes to relationships and they cant stick with a lady. Please Mylottians i would appreciate your contributions and responses which would aid me in understanding guys better and draw my final conclusions. Thanks to you all for your anticipated responses
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• Philippines
30 Oct 08
i believe that true love is a reality. it is termed true love because it is TRUE and OMNIPOTENT. it is everlasting and not ephemeral. true love exist even in a world that is filled with violence and conflicts. people do fall in love and they tend to see the good qualities of the persons they've been inloved with. as relationship progresses, one gets to accept the negative points of his/her loved-one. this is one good proof of true love. my friend, you'll know that it is true when you come to accept your loved-one without any hesitations
19 Dec 08
i belive True love can be fantasy as well as reality Its how we manifest our fanstastsy's in reality that our love storys come true but it takes patience, control with some faith and inevitably your destiny will be reveald and your true love will be set free and you will find the right one sometimes, thier closer than we think
@albern (59)
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
i am a good guy that i have a relationships. the true love is a real of relationships of the person that he like the fantasy is a emotional only for the person not have a relationships thats why truse love is only one can give for the relationships ehheheheeee........ thats my comments for the true love hehehehe..........
• Canada
30 Oct 08
thanks for ur response which should aid me in understanding true love better