Do you live with an intent to fulfil a ambition or to enjoy

October 30, 2008 6:42am CST
I wonder whether all people out there live with the same intention as me o achieve something in life or just to enjoy?? I THink the life is a waste unless u don't have something to achieve?? What u say??
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• India
30 Oct 08
Hi I think even if some one can really enjoy, that's also an achievement. Isn't it? To enjoy, one needs to be happy. To be happy one needs to have calm and cool mind. So, everyone is living to achieve something. Some are thinking of materialistic achievement like good job etc. While others are looking for spiritual achievement. Now among these two groups, the philosophy of life is totally different. In my life, I'm more inclined to spirituality but I couldn't deny the need of material achievement. I guess most of the people go for an achievement keeping in mind the importance of both material and spiritual gains. Gains, whatever of kind, allows one to enjoy.
• India
31 Oct 08
Yes I really agree with u tapna,but maybe the worldly matters that affect us to go further and think that we too can make a change and that one may want everybody to notice oneself, if had been ignored for long.