08/10/28~29 sorrow & tears

@aprces (1082)
October 30, 2008 7:41am CST
one day delayed for this diary,the reason is she was out with her mom to watch a special program in chinese wushu festival which was prepared by her father,we had little call.so little happening.i just write them together,nothing more 28:it seems that i made a fulsome requirement.i let her keep talking when she was peeing.she was angry,but i just want to prove whether she loves me or not.she said to me that you are neurotic 29:i raised an old question again,she suggested maybe we can break up.at that moment,i wept bitterly.she caught it,so she said that is just her negative words,then she comforted me in the past two days,i don't know what happened to myself,i just made some commotions about nothing,but she always bear me with her patience.i like a baby,she turns into my mom.this is awkward...... © aprces 2008-10-30 20:38
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