hi, how are you doing without plastic bags? welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 30, 2008 7:54am CST
hi, how are you doing without plastic bags? the no free plastic bags policy has been effective for this year. how do you find your life to be with the new policy? has it become a lot more inconvenient? or have you found some easy solutions? what is your suggestion to prefect th eplastic bag policy? what do you want to say on world environemnt day? habit is a second nature i have not gone shoping in supermarkets since hte new policy started into effect however i met with embarrassment when buyiing referrence boooks in a bookstore where i ahd not thought it would execute this policy as well i bought a pile of thick books and got no container at last i will bear this in my mind in despite a of inconvenience i do think we will get used to it as time goes by such good habit is wuite important to us to live a better life in the long run since we have been offered with free plastic bags for such a long time it is difficult for me to get used to the new policy i went shopping as usual when i was approaching the checking out counter i suddenly realized i had forgetten to bring a shopping bag with me since i could not carry so many things with my hands i had to buy aplastic bag at 20 cents i felt shameful and guilty at that moment i told myself again and again not to forget to bring an environmentally friendly shopping bag with me next time now i always keep a shoping bag in my purse whenever i do shopping i can use it instead of plastic bags i am not used to it when i wentt to shopping as useful i found the notice in supermarket no free plastic bag will be provided and the price list for different size of plastic bag i did not understand that why our governemnt did not forbidden the plastic bag but required customers to buy one although it is very unconveneint for us the policy is from good point and need improvement and efforts of all the people
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@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
30 Oct 08
My government also passed a similar order about one year back. But in practice we are all still using plastic bags a lot. Mainly business persons find them cost effective and convenient. As for myself I use lots of plastic bags, cant avoid using them as no one here provides alternative.
• United States
30 Oct 08
I didn't even realize an order like this was passed. I don't think my country/state is doing it.. and although a good idea, I find I actually try to recycle the plastic bags unlike a lot of other things.. once they're home from the grocery store I find many uses for them.
@patms1 (522)
• United States
30 Oct 08
I like the green bags. I feel that I am doing a good thing. I keep them in the car and on my cloths rack so when I put on my coat its right there. I also keep my change purse in one so I have to remember it,
@june50 (111)
• China
30 Oct 08
It's very unconvient at first when we can't use plastic bag freely. Later I buy some shopping bags, everytime I go shoping I will take one or two with me. I am used to it now. It's ok and good for our environment. I think it's a good policy. We should support it.