How do you keep yourself awake when sleepy?

October 30, 2008 8:10am CST
I usually drink coffee to stay awake, but I'm hoping you guys can share other ideas how to stay awake and energized after a long day. I've been feeling tired very easily for the past few nights and would appreciate your tips, thanks!
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@pryce_mbg (716)
• Philippines
31 Oct 08
whenever i study at night till dawn, i usually feel so sleepy specially if the subject I'm studying is very boring.I don't have any choice but to really try my best to study. and so, i find ways to helps me awake when studying. One of the things that i do is to eat something. it may be a peanut (which i believe can make me more smarter. lol) or a bread. i also drink juice or hot chocolate. i didn't really drink coffee because my sister told me that whenever she drinks coffee, she usually gets too sleepy instead of helping her to stay awake. those are just my ways or ideas of keeping me awake.
• Philippines
31 Oct 08
hi! when i am sleepy during the day or at work, i try to munch something. it can be boy bawang or other chicherya. sometimes, my officemate will give me spicy boy bawang and it will really wake me up take care
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 08
I'm now is feel sleppy and I still keep make a response because I want to make the payout in this end of month. I usually remove my sleepy by keeping my eyes open and keep doing something. So when my sleepy time is over, I won't feel sleepy again and can do another thing. This the way I stay awake from my sleepy. I guess that sleepy has a range time, when I can cross the range time. I can stay awake without feel any sleepy again. Keep post happy myLotting...
@adihindu (1922)
• India
30 Oct 08
Some times I have to work for long hours in nights. In that I take tea rather coffee. It makes me refresh. Other wise I walk for few minutes. Body gets tired definitely, because body needs some rest at least for 6hrs a day. We have to manage it.
• Malaysia
30 Oct 08
Whenever I am tired I would take vitamin pills. We are tired because we are lack of vitamins and minerals in our body. I also drink a lot of plain water because by drinking a lot of water we will dispose off the water more often by urinating. By urinating more frequently we are able to reduce our body heat and also any toxic in the body. We will feel more refreshed afterwards. Besides that I will avoid eating oily food such as fried chicken, french fried and things like that. Oily food has a high content of cholesterol and cholesterol can make us tired especially when its level in our blood is already high. I will also take enough vitamin C by eating fruits high in it like oranges and grapes. Vitamin C is able to repair damaged cells and promote the growth of new cells and it helps to bring back the energy in you.
@cher913 (25891)
• Canada
30 Oct 08
i have had a few sleepless nights over the past years and had to get up in the morning and do whatever and what i have done in the morning was to have a fairly cool shower to wake me up in the morning. that helps. i dont like coffee but i do like tea.