How do I stop my six year old from beating me?

United States
October 30, 2008 8:44am CST
I have Multiple Sclerosis. My son was 2 when I was diagnosed. Ever since he was 3 years old he has fits of rage and violent behavior. It doesn't matter what the situation or where we are, if he gets upset I am getting a beating. I have been in 2 abusive relationships prior to his birth and meeting my husband (I was pregnant with him when I was assaulted by the last one I left) I have reached out to everyone I could. Teachers, social workers, counselors, doctors, etc... and everyone has told me the same thing-time out and behavior modification. Well we have tried that, intensive counseling (my insurance only allows 10 weeks per year so I have to use it when he is at his worst)he has had 2 psychiatric evaluations, a neuropsych evaluation. The behvior modification worked a little bit, at least I am not getting hit all day everyday, now it is only when he is REALLY angry or frustrated. It doesn't matter who he is mad at, I am the target of his aggression. As he gets older and bigger(he is 4'1" and weighs 60lbs. and I get sicker I am finding it harder and harder to duck and cover effectively. This morning he jumped on me while I was lying on my side and wouldn't get up despite my pleading with him crying that he was hurting me and that I couldn't breathe well. He laughed and stayed there until the dog jumped on him and pushed him off me. I walk around on eggshells around him. Everyone that meets him tells me what a polite wonderful little boy he is, and he is a great little boy, but he can go from 0 to psycho like a switch, and just like a switch he is fine again and loving on me. So, if anyone has anymore ideas....please let me know. I am desperate!!!
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• India
30 Oct 08
This is the common problem for most of the kids at this ages, this is basically due to the habits which we create, ie., any of our family members used to have a habit of keep fight with him, as per his wish, this will make him to encourage to keep bite all, those who even come to our home as guest, and the kids at his age group and even the higher age group kids also.. To avoid this, we supposed to avoid to practice him to keep this practice, and also, keep him engaged with other activities like playing with some of the indoor games with some of the small things like ball etc.. etc.. this will try to avoid this nature. And also try to talk to him, and tell him some of the good stories like the God's history or something, even though if he is not able to understand at this age group, he can able to diagnise the same, but you cannot recognise the same but, he will defenately understand the story which you tell, this will stored in his mind, and the same will be reproduced by him, at his later age, this will help him to grow in a better manner in the future. And also you cannot keep him stop at this practice, in a single day, you have to keep him stop by step by step. Try to bring him outside, and tell him slowly that this is a bad practice, he will understand the same to some extend, and also if you engaged him to other activities like playing etc.. this practice will get reduced. And also please do not beat him again for this bad habit, this will increase his habit more.. Have a good day.
• United States
30 Oct 08
I dont beat him, he beats me. I would never hit a child
• India
31 Oct 08
NO.. No.. I can't say you beat him, any of your family members or any of your neibour those who is with him, may be have this practice.. Else any one may done it for one or two times, sometime back, else he might have watch something on the Televitions shows.. he might have taken it from there.. So, try to make him engaged with other activities, and keep him busy, and divert him.. this practice will get away from him slowly.. Have a good day.