hi, how do we recover from the psychological aftermath of disasters? welcoem

@qwe123 (253)
October 30, 2008 9:17am CST
hi, how do we recover form the psychological aftermath of disasters? the psychological impact of the earthquate may lst longer than the reconstruction of people's himes we do not want o forget the lessiins we learned from the earthquake but we do want o froget about the tragic moment sandcontinue out life now quicklyu are we going to fortet about hins? now did otyu amnage to live throguh some sad moment in your life/ and tips on what peopel can do to recover psychologically? compepely undrestand the sadness of losing family in sichiuna i think the same of succor the smell of deathe the voice of cry the burt of paorpl pasing all og them dfo remind people the painful memory it will take a long ite to revo the painness of herat especailly some kids there must eb some psychology shadown int heri heart so tyr some psychological therapy is very important china it pepends on chinese people psat genterations have bed through much hardship before too and this is not the only invasion oyu ahve aere osne friednsl peoiple form neighboring countrues jhelping woith rescue and adding theri relief aidsoemn eare even fro ajapen but perhaps thre have been too amy thigns in the past centryu that chinese have wanted to desperatedly forgret and that has now bveome a kind of habit ta that fa happend elsewhere with europeans afterww2 and others who ahve suffered terrible diasaters this time though alll those old mo memeories come bacj to haubf everyone as well working hard to clean up and to rebuild willtake a yar or teo and amny will be livign tough or camping out for wiutie some time yet t its im[ important to get things sorted out befoer the next winter or pwople will really be happy its more than rnough that os amnny ahve d suffered or dcied already with the extensicve decastation around them there willbbe many vivid reminders ofr along time to come on hearing the new form the broadcast that a terrible earthquake occured in suchina
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
People are resilient, like plants, like wounds. They heal quite easily. Today's disaster will be forgotten in a year's time. I don't dwell on the negative. If I survive then I will probably be alright psychologically. Cheers!!