World is on Recession so who is responsible for this.

October 30, 2008 9:27am CST
Hello friends, I would like to discuss this with every one who is a user of mylot, as we all know that the whole world is going through a financial crisis, all stock markets of the world is hit very hard for this and all the prices of stocks are almost less than half of what they were, do you think those company are in loss or will they stop working or suddenly will they fail and get shut overnight, No then why is all this going on in this world, every day we hear of major banks getting bankrupt and everywhere in the world there is financial problems, jobs problem and many people are getting jobless everyday, so what is the reason behind all this, and is there any way to stop all this and is govt responsible for all this, i would like to know this from every people here and share all your views on this topic.
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