How can i grow taller?

October 30, 2008 10:27am CST
You may have heard that when puberty ends, the height stops. It is true but to a certain extent. Biologically, the hormones may stop you from getting taller but it is possible to increase your height a few inches with the help of stretching exercises. With the help of stretching exercises, you can extend your bone structure to look seemingly taller. Here are some exercises: 1. Stand with your arms extended straight at right angles to your body. Lift your arms vertically and bring them to shoulder level. Stand on your toes and lift your heels. Exhale slowly after some moment and do the exercise again. 2. Stand erect with both legs touching each other. Take a deep breath and lift your arms to shoulder level. The arms should be held straight. Stand like this for a minute. Then take the arms behind you as far as they can go. As you come back to your original position inhale slowly. 3. Stand erect with your arms stretched at equal distance above your shoulders and feet slightly a more
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@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
30 Oct 08
Will give a try. I started smoking at an early age of 14 and that stopped my growth in height. Hope now I can make up to it.