All Hallow's Eve or Make a Mess Night

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October 30, 2008 10:44am CST
Well it's that night before Halloween when traditionally the teens go out and make a mess, toilet paper, eggs, whip cream, soap, smashed pumpkins, and police sirens. I remember as a kid doing the toilet paper and soaping windows, even crisco on door handles, but eggs ruin the paint so they weren't allowed. We (as in the 20+ kids in our neighborhood would each "borrow" a bottle of our mothers' perfumes, dump them all in a bucket, empty out windex bottles, fill them with the perfume mixtures and spray things with that, including each other sometimes. Never smelled real nice but it was fun and no one got hurt. We would start stockpiling tp the first week of October, hiding it in our community fort under a nearby bridge, ready for tonight and tomorrow (Halloween). Lots of the local adult neighbors helped with getting the tp in the trees and on the powerlines, and generally made sure no one got hurt. Of course we had to go around November 1 and clean it all up, but we were kids and we never minded that part. Now a days you have to worry about what could happen to your kids while they are out there, and about the damage that will be done. What ever happened to having fun and making a mess but not hurting anyone or damaging their property? Do kids still make a mess in your area or has this tradition been done away with?
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30 Oct 08
I also remember doing the T.P. and shoe white and putting gross scents in spray bottles on Halloween..LOL.. Infact we use to do that type of stuff year round when we were board when I was a teenager. Actually I am really picky which area I take my child trick-or treating. There is a very nice area where there are nicely kept-up historical homes that isn't too far from where I live and a lot of people load up a lot of kids in van's and SUV's and take them to this area because it's a safe popular hot spot neighborhood for trick-or-treaters.The people in this neighborhood really do go out of there way on Halloween for trick-or-treaters also, they decorate their yards to make it look like graveyards and place smoke machines in their yards with strobe lights & ware costumes & etc( and they give out great treats). I have been taking my son out to this neighborhood for 3 years now because I was really disappointed with these supposen safe options for Halloween for my son ( the mall,the zoo).. I actually have not witnessed any tricks in my area around Halloween. Most of it is innocent and only kids trick-or-treating . I believe we have a neighborhood watch or something similar because I live in a historical area that is being preserved.