Please share your success story here from PAID sites.

October 30, 2008 12:59pm CST
Man I wish the one who joined "The Cash Leveraging System" here in myLot respond to this message to know how good the program is, I might want to join in the fray. Anyways, have you had any successes when it comes to paid sites? I kind of earned my first big bucks here in mylot, and then all the other money came from nowhere, I mean cashbacks. The only PTC that paid me so far is neobux. And I really am fed up with PTCs nowadays, I'm only using two. So when I got that $6 from neobux, a friend told me about megalido, and he's also a myLot user named ajadlads. So first I was skeptical, but seeing that he got paid, I was ecstatic about the website. SO I withdraw the $6 balance from neobux and invested it as soon as possible. After 12 days, voila, an additional 2.64 in my money. Since then I've tried to discretely promote the program. So far I have successes with the site, you can see the evidence in my profile page. I am really happy with the performance of the site right now. I've earned almost a hundred in the site, and that's because other people trust in the site as well. I am happy, I've never earned so much like this in that 2 months I've been searching for an online earning. Of course there's the risk, but then why not take the risk if you have a spare $6? I've taken the risk once in IsabelMarco, buying referrals several days before they became a premium only paying site. So I'm happy I've taken the risk in MegaLido. Please share your successes in PAID sites. I'm tired of reading successes from free sites. There are plenty of them here in mylot, I tell you. Have a nice day. Thanks to those who will share.
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• United States
30 Oct 08
On my profile I have my website link. That is were I post proof of the sites that have paid me so far. Also on my profile I have a list of known paying sites and I mark which ones have paid me there too. It's worth checking it out.
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• Philippines
30 Oct 08
I appreciate it. What I meant though, is PAID sites not paying sites. You know, sites that you need an entrance fee or an investment to earn stuff. You got some?