Can anyone tell me what's happened to Neowide? Unable to access site now!

United Kingdom
October 30, 2008 1:56pm CST
Hi, I've been writing for Neowide for a short while and I accumulated some income with them. The minimum payout is or was $50. However, this evening when I tried to log into my account I was unable to access the site. When I put the correct address into the search engine the address wasn't recognised. Also, another website showed up in its place, something in a foreign language, like a friendships site or something. So, I would like to know what's going on as this is quite serious! Have you had any problems this evening? Are you able to access Neowide? I had five articles published with them but now it seems like they have gone forever! They have also disappeared with my earnings! I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this before I file a complaint with Many thanks. Andrew
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@meiji15 (664)
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
neowide changed its entire payout scheme. no upfront payment will be given for a published article. i am really disappointed with neowide. initially i thought i earn a decent amount writing for them. yesterday, my earnings were more than a hundred bucks (i strive to write and submit 4 articles a day). now, after said change, i will be receiving nothing. all those effort down the drain. very disappointing.
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• United Kingdom
1 Nov 08
Yes, this is really irritating regarding Neowide. I did send them an email stating that I was unhappy with the new setup. It's unfortunate for you in that you had quite a bit of money accumulated with them. I think that they will now start losing writers as a result of this. Andrew