Does she really like me?

October 30, 2008 2:10pm CST
Well i have just started going out with this girl, however she never really has time for me, she cannot come out on week nights after school, she is out all this weekend and saturday next weekend, so the only time i can actually properly see her is next sunday, which to me seems quite a long time away. I was just wondering if you guys though that she didn't want to be with me, or she actually just didn't have the time. And if so do you think the longer we go out the more time she will make for me?
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@sarah456 (87)
30 Oct 08
i think she is in pure schock.!! She has waited for this for aggges! Trust me i no! Lol... However i do not understand why she wont tel her parents i mean i no it can be embarrasing and all but still you have been out b4 (even if it was 4 a joke)and she told her mum straight away. she can come out after school but she sed that her mum will b suspicous... i honestly dnt no wat is going on in her mind and she hasnt told me anything.... I dont quite no why she is putting off meeing u... Yu no she likes you alott okk!! EVERYONE knows that kezz.... i wouldnt break it... i wud giv it time and see how it goes she migt jus be a bit nervous Hope this helps :D
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