Mana Users

@merge8 (73)
October 30, 2008 5:09pm CST
Hey guys, i have just been thinking ... in the new patch it is very hard for a mana user to go oom.. i mean wow, if i go resto again on my druid those are going to be some long battles... story 1. I respeced balance to see how it is with the new patch. and once i found out how i get mana back from casting in moonkin i found out that if i need mana in an aoe situation i just have to use starfall and then typhoon and thats an esay like 4000 mana back... i was in a BRAWL AV.. where it was 40 of us on our Aliance Bridge Vs the horde.. .and i mean with the great heals i got i died about 4-6 times.. .and inbetween those deaths i never went oom.. with the retpaladins giveing me 0.25 mana back per second and the aoes giving me 200mana every cupple hits its amazing... when i go close to oom i just have to typhoon 20 guys and starfall and bam mana back.. i ended up doing my 300,000 damage achevement because i was able to nonstop Damage.. its crazzy.. and as a ret paladin ... 33% mana back when judgement thats rediculace you just never go oom.. i don't know about other classes but the classes i have played its quite crazzy
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