Best Scary Movie

United States
October 30, 2008 7:28pm CST
What is your favorite scary movie or scary movie series? I love Saw! I already saw the first 3 and I plan on watching 4 soon and going to the movies to see Saw5. At first I thought "Saw" was the typical scary movie. You know, the movie where a man chases you with a chainsaw or knife. But I was wrong. I dont think it is scary but its just "mind-boggling"(i dont know if thats correct word but it seems right) and very unpredictable. Im so tired of predictable movies but "Saw" is not predictable. I dont care what you say its not that easy to tell what will happen in the end. I think its one of the few scary movies that didn't originate from Japan.(Please correct me if I am wrong!) I love the Saw series and if you haven't seen it than you should.
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@sati123 (184)
11 Nov 08
best scary movie? nothing scrares me that much, but if there is one movie that I think is good enough on that category that would be silent hill. before I really thought Asian scary films are really creepy but then when you have watched 5 movies or more, you get the ffeling that everything is the same, the effects and thee story are almost the same.
• United States
13 Nov 08
Im not into the predictable scary movie. Its always the same thing. Killer chases person. Person runs, trips. Killer catches up. Somehow friend saves person. Or something like that. I forgot about "Final Destination" although it didnt really scare me but it creeped that heck out of me. "Saw" is great but its not scary to me it only freaks me out. I don't know when was the last time I got a good scare out of a movie.
• India
31 Oct 08
I had seen many sacry movies but the one i was most impresed with was "Psycho" It wasonefo the best movies i saw. Most of the other movies like "Omen" etc were not so engrossing.
• United States
1 Nov 08
I never saw "Psycho" or "Omen" before. Ive heard of them but maybe one day Ill take the time out to watch them.