Doing business with a Friend Offshore

October 31, 2008 1:44am CST
I'm a writer and we're coming up with a big project with this friend. I have devoted time to do my part and also her with the talents we have of coming up with an advertising website. I've never been into professional advertising but I have 8 years experience in professional writing. We always interact daily. The conceptualization of the project is running smoothly but my business partner is involved in an illicit affair with a lawyer who happens to be our legal adviser(I've known that she is involved with him before but I never thought that she will make a decision to make him as our legal adviser for our business.). Professionally, I don't see a hole of the issue since the lawyer provides a good advice with regards to the business. However, I felt something is "itchy" with it since the business will be registered in the States and the local counterpart will be taken care of later on. I will be talking to my business partner regarding this thoughts but I surely appreciate what you have to say about the situation.
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