When will people ever learn? Break up sucks!!

October 31, 2008 1:30pm CST
When was the last time you heard a couple say they were happily married? When will people learn that it's not similarities but the appreciation of differences that make the relationship? Has the media made us think that we have to match in certain grounds before we can even start loving? How can two people ever match? Aren't we too unique to have a match? And to find it with another gender? I thought like poles repel. I may be sounding stupid to a lot of people reading this post but seriously, I wanted to be with only one man in my entire life.Is that wrong? I believe it's commitment which keeps people together and not the other superficial, temporary reasons such as looks,talents,money and fame.Somebody's definitely gona be looking better or having better traits than the one you already chose. How then do people go back on their commitments when they know they are gona head back to square 1 with the next person also? How can difference of opinions be a reason for a break up? Aren't we different altogether? I know I can probably write a million questions in this messed up and broken state of mine. I just want to know whether there is any one else like me. I don't wana move on. though people say I eventually will. If anybody is gona call this as a "psychological condition/reaction" itz still ok. I don't want to move on. I don't want to marry someone else. I feel wronged for having changed my entire self to please him when after 3 yrs he just left me with NIL communication now. Acc to me Love is giving.I don't know whether people's emotions and feelings can be so easily taken for granted with just 1 line which says I don't love you anymore. Seems heartless. Don't their consciences bother at all? Looks too long, so I'l just stop. Please save sarcastic comments for urself. Am not trying to increase ma earnings with this. This is for an actual discussion. Thanks
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• India
31 Oct 08
for the past 20years i am hearingfrom my parrents that they were happily married. you can say that appreciation of difference make relationship its a part of it but without similarities a relationship can't last long. two people are not matched they just evaluate on the bsis of love and affection between them
• India
31 Oct 08
xaktly!!...hw can ppl stop lovin alla a suddn? I hv parenz who r married so too 4 24 yrz nw...luv cant juz evaporate if 't eva xisted dtz all...wha I meanta say bout happily married wz dat drz no perfect marriage n stil ppl try lukn 4 perfection..n giv 't as an xcuse 2 leave ppl who luv.thanx 4 ur response..
@wafujay (115)
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
Those are just some of the spice of life..^_^ Didnt you noticed?Those things happens for us to realize and learn for our mistakes. I mean we need to think what went wrong and why it didnt worked out. Its just like we still continue to study even though we're already graduate in schools..