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South Africa
October 31, 2008 4:42pm CST
I have been searching for a real job onlne for such a log time,I forget all the sites that I have visited.I have set up job alerts ,mailed my resume to god knows whom. I have created my own website ,did adwords ,adsence and still no luck with a real income.My email box is extremely busy with ,prospective jobs,But to my dismay the job looks good and when I register,it always comes back with a registration fee.All I want is a Data Capture ,genuine work.A real work to make a living with,no scammers,no promises of a job and then someone else wants to take money from me.I dont have money I need to make money,does no one understand this.I live in Sunny South africa,and am told that you can start a virtual office from anywhere.But this is not going anywhere since after so many adverts I always have strucked out.If there is anyone out there whom is able to surply me with real work.This is what I am able to do for you.It could be a big or small business.I am just looking for honest work.
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@lvnstn (35)
• United States
7 Nov 08
I work at home and i like it. I have lost money but ive made more than ive ;ost so i think its a go. i found new site tha pays me good good. check it out in the internetlink under pic. Its well worth your time
@xayuk69 (268)
• Malta
9 Nov 08
Have you been paid from Megalido?
@Traceyr76 (107)
• United States
9 Dec 08
I love working at home pm i will send you a link. The company i am affiliated with you get your own website to manage at no additional cost! Its very easy and only $10.00 a month plus you get your own domain! You get paid for all your sign ups plus weekly bonuses and monthly commisions. I have had lots of luck with this co. I got sign ups in my first week. I do it and i enjoy it. If you would like to try it for 7 days free pm me for a link.
• Singapore
10 Nov 08
Why don't you try There are many jobs you can bid for. It is like an auction site for your to bid for jobs. They have a safe and secure website to ensure that service providers (you) gets protected by buyers who just want the job done without paying. They also protect the buyers of the services and make sure that you do not run away with the money before your job is done. Protects both parties with the escrow account. Try it.