My NeoBux Strategy

United States
October 31, 2008 7:07pm CST
Hello everyone, I believe that NeoBux is still one of the best paid to click programs out there. They do one thing consistently and that is they pay instantly. They seem to have a clear business model and show a level of sustainability that you normally do not see. Some people complain that it is not easy to make a lot of money with NeoBux and they are right. But with the right strategy it is not hard to make a good amount of money consistently without the worry of the company disappearing tomorrow. You need to pick a strategy and stay with it for the long haul with Neobux. With a few minutes a day you can really generate a nice income stream with NeoBux. Below, I have my strategy for those that are just starting out with NeoBux. 1. Choose a time of day that you can click ads and eventually manage your referrals at the same time everyday. 2. Click all available ads everyday (when you get referrals this is necessary to earn from referral clicks). 3. Utilize all free methods of advertising to gain any direct referrals. Talk it up with your friends and relatives. Put a tagline on your e-mail signature. Post in forums. Use free traffic exchanges. 4. Once your account balance reaches $2. Transfer this money to your rental balance and rent 3 referrals. It is only $0.90 to rent the referrals but you will need the remainder to properly manage the referrals. 5. Put the autopay function on. 6. If a referral of yours has not clicked today or yesterday and has click average of less than 2.0 then recycle it ($0.08) and get a new referral. If they have a click average of between 2.0 and 4.0, I will give them 4 days before I recycle them. I will give those with an average of over 4.0 seven days to return and click just because I would hate to recycle a great referral just because they were on vacation for a week. 7. Whenever, one of your referrals goes below 20 days before next payment pay to add another 30 days. Below 20 days, the autopay function does not work and you will not get the savings for that referral. 8. Every time your account balance reaches $1 transfer the money to your rental balance. At first when you are only making a couple of cents per day it is important to keep enough in your rental balance to maintain your recycling activity because you can only transfer in $1 increments. Once you can complete this transfer and have at least $2.40 in your rental balance rent another 3 referrals. 9. Continue this process until you are making a $1 a day in your account balance. At this point you can begin renting in bigger chunks of referrals every 7 days. Never rent a number of referrals that is greater than 33% of your existing totals as these will become difficult to manage through recycling with your earnings. 10. It will take a while but continue the above listed process until you reach 500 referrals. At this point stop renting and just maintain your referrals. Accumulate the earnings until you can pay for the upgrade to golden. 11. Once golden, maintain your referrals as before. Every week continue to rent referrals until you hit the 2000 refs mark. Any money that you are not sinking into referral maintenance or renting is profit for you. This is the way I manage my account and I have had really good results. The aggressive recycling is very key. I maintain links to some PTC guides and review on my profile page if anyone is interested in learning more.
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28 Sep 09
that's a very nice strategy! I have joined neobux and get paid about 10$,but never try to rent and get more money, even thinking. So now I think I should try it, not alway admire other guys,I will do follow your good straegy, Thanks again!
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• South Africa
9 Aug 09
Thanks very much for you guide. I was looking for an affordable help to improve my neobux income and I found yours. Also I am glad to say that if you can mention how much time you spend to get a decent amount from neobux it will be a great inspiration to all of us.
@ishralene09 (2260)
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
Wow...this is a very good strategy. Unfortunately for me...that is not the case. I've invested 2 times on the site already. One is for $3(10 refs) and one is for $6(20 refs). So I should earn around $9 right? Unfortunately for me I've only earned $8 something. So I'm at lost instead of gain. I'll be investing again in renting refs when I become golden. My megalido funds will help me go there. But a very nice strategy, I hope it works out to other members. Have a nice day.
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• Canada
16 Nov 08
hey, could I give this strategy to other people? Any time I will use this I will say something like: "all credit for this strategy goes to KLVentures from Here is the link to his page:" thanks if you give me permission
• United States
17 Nov 08
Go ahead and use it if you would like. Good luck.
• Canada
19 Nov 08
hey sorry i have one more question: when you say "never rent a number of referrals that is greater than 33% of your existing totals" as the number of referrals, do you mean the actual number of referrals or the amount of money they are making for you? also, greater than 33% of your account balance? or the renting balance? Thanks very much for your help.
@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
1 Nov 08
Hello, KLVentures! That is a wonderful strategy! I don't remember if I had already joined NeoBux, but if I did I did not see this recycling feature. It sounds to be pretty useful. You inspired me, I am going to join it if I still have not. I'll join under your referral if you have the link on your profile page. I hope I can earn a good amount with it. I do not want to get rich from NeoBux, but at least earn a reasonable amount per day would be fine. Thanks for sharing these incredible tips with us. They will surely be put into good use. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@ulurtz (32)
• Canada
17 Jun 11
Hey woodenboots, you need a lot of patience on neobux. If you don't want to invest money it is going to be a loooong way to go. But it is not impossible. Try to earn $2.00 and then put it into the rental balance and rent 3 referrals. From that day on you will earn a few cents more per day and if your referrals are quite active you can rent 3 referrals every week. So you can make your way up. And don't forget to read the neobux forum where you can find a lot of personal strategies. Both of us, you and me, we will not make thousands of dollars a month because we don't invest, but it is a nice hobby for me :D
• United States
1 Nov 08
With having such a strategy and obviously a good one, everyone seems to like it, but do you ever get nervous about the site falling apart and wishing you just cash out all those times instead of reinvesting? I am thinking of trying it but I must admit I am a little scared.
• United States
2 Nov 08
There is always a risk of the site going under but you can minimize these risks. I did not invest any of my own money into Neobux. Just a few minutes a day. When you first start out you are talking a couple of minutes at most. Even now at 1740 rented refs, I put in about 1/2 hour per day. The old saying is true, you don't get hurt falling out of the basement window. So just don't put much in it except a few minutes and what are you really out?
@TimTune (40)
• Netherlands
22 Sep 13
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• United States
26 Jun 12
This method is great, but the only trouble i am having is finding any Direct Referrals. See my friends won't join this site, so i cant use them as DR, and i have no idea what sites to go to. Could you recommend some sites or Forums to maybe find direct referrals? Thank you!
• United States
26 Jun 12
@greed15 (35)
• United States
23 Feb 11
• Greece
4 Feb 11
Nice strategy, you seem an expert in Neobux, but I have a question, I have $15 in my Paypal account and I want to invest that money online, I made a discussion about it here at myLot, most people suggested that I use that money in renting referrals at Neobux, but what do you think is the best strategy to use with $15, thanks for your help.
@funkykid (441)
• India
28 Oct 10
your startegy seems to be smart.iam just a starter at neobux and would like to use this strategy for earning more.iam now waiting for the results.hope they come as per the plan.i believe in your startegy.but they key is patience.I believe that i have enough patience to try your strategy.anyways thanks a lot for sharing your strategy with us Happy Mylotting :)
@juicekodai (1122)
• Philippines
15 Oct 10
thanks.. this is really helpful.. im using this as my guide for my neobux account...
@alfroi635 (299)
• Philippines
28 Sep 10
Over the years, this strategy is not working anymore. I mean, this one is not as effective as before. And yes this you can find the strategy anywhere online. Unlike the strategy that I found. Although this has so many the same ideas, but it is really different and it really yields true income. The strategy is here:
@zergzerg (94)
• Philippines
18 Sep 10
i want to ask permission to use this on my blog :D
• India
4 Sep 10
nice strategy.. m jst a beginner in neobux.. will definitely follow hese steps
• Laos
2 Aug 10
Good strategy, but how long will it takes to reinvest until you can reach 500 rr. By the way can we take some shortcut by invest some money in.
@achraf52 (180)
• Morocco
7 Jul 10
You will not make anything with Standard referrals, you need first to upgrade then start renting referrals .
@aprilten (1966)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
Hi! Thank you so much for sharing us your strategy in neobux. I've been a member of neobux since 2008 but I've only earned $13+. But, now that I've read your strategy I will apply it and I'm sure I will earn more. I am a stay-at-home mom and succeeding in earning online will surely help my family. Thanks a lot for giving without asking for anything in return. You are such a generous person and I'm sure God will bless you even more.
@vanity666 (260)
• Spain
15 Jun 10
that sounds very good! i will try to follow your strategy, thank you so much for sharing it with us! =)